Hama Video Cable, 3 RCA plugs - 3 RCA plugs, 2m

  • Ideal as extension for cables with RCA plugs, e.g. for LCD projectors

A Forgotten Component…

In an attempt to try and improve the visual quality many of us will invest large amounts of our hard earned money in high-tech, expensive home entertainment systems in the hope of creating the ultimate entertainment experience similar to what you would find in a cinema. However, in the frenzy to buy the most top rated, HD projector and matching DVD player the quality of the connecting cables will often be neglected with many of us failing to realise that this actually has a substantial impact upon the overall quality of the on screen picture.

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With the Hama Video Cable 3 RCA Plugs - 3 RCA Plugs, Stereo this no longer needs to be a concern. At Hama we take pride in the quality and value for money that our cables provide and this one is no exception. The high-quality perfect fitting RCA connection (e.g. for connecting a DVD player to a television) is designed to minimise interference and prevent signal loss that would otherwise interrupt your viewing, with each of the 3 plugs on either end being colour coded (white/red/yellow) so it is easy to see which plug should be connected where on the terminal device. The black cable provides an impedance of 75 ohms for optimum transmission quality and the 2 metre length, provides high flexibility whilst avoiding the possibility of lots of unsightly cable clutter.

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Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Colour Black

Connectivity (Connection)

Connection 3x RCA Plug, Audio Stereo + Video


Quality 1 Star

Size & Weight

Length 2 m

Physical Properties

Model Composite Video
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