GP 23A Battery 12V


The 23AF (23A / A23 equivalent) is a high voltage alkaline car key battery which delivers excellent standards of power performance. It is ideal for powering the most advanced remote control systems such as car alarms, security and keyless entry systems, and garage door remotes.

When reliability is crucial you need a battery which can deliver consistent power over longer periods of time. The 12 volt 23A is a long life battery which has been specifically designed to maintain a balanced power discharge for long term use, making it perfect for such devices.

These lightweight batteries come in a handy 5 pack, at an affordable price. Their high energy density and long shelf life of up to 2 years mean that the 23A car key battery is the most economical option for ensuring safety and security in your home and for your vehicles.

The batteries are also much safer for the environment as not only does the long-life of the battery mean less waste, but the zero added mercury also means that they are safer to have in the home and are less harmful when disposed of.

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