80cm Portable LED Studio


PULUZ 80cm Folding Portable 80W 8500LM White Light Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit with 3 Colors Backdrops (Black, White, Orange)

Comes with a carrying bag and 3 pieces of background paper boards (White, Black, orange). The paper boards are wrinkle resistant and water resistant.
Photo studio with fordable design which is unfolding a whole new level of possibilities in smartphone photography.
It enables everyone to take awesome, studio-quality pictures with a smartphone using a simple setup.
Don't worry about taking high quality pictures for your online shop products anymore.
All-in-one portable studio easy to use.
With 12pcs fiberglass support bars, durable and sturdy.

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Material Nylon Cloth
LED Quantity 2*78 PCS
Lumen 8500LM
Color Temperature 5500K
Power Supply Input: AC 100-250V; Output: DC 18V 1.5A
Power 80W(40W*2)
Available Plugs US Plug
Size 80*80*80cm / 31.5*31.5*31.5inch (Unfolded)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 6.03kgs / 13.29lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 6.80kgs / 14.99lb
Carton Size 89cm * 22cm * 23cm / 35.04inch * 8.66inch * 9.06inch