200cm Portable LED Studio


PULUZ 200cm Studio Box 6 Light Strip Bars 240W 5500K White Light Photo Lighting Shooting Tent Kit for Clothes / Adult Model Portrait

6 LED light bar strips with 78 LED beads and 40W for each strip (total 468pcs LED beads, 240W), brings you adequate light source for photos with a white background.
The high color index rendering (CRI value: 90%) LED chipset ensure maximum color accuracy with "daylight" 5500K color temperatures. Much more efficient than with traditional fluorescent or incandescent light.
Inside coating is a silver reflective fabric specially designed to provide uniform illumination, eliminating shadows and glare. Your photos will be clear and precise. It's recommended to use a tripod for sharper photos.
Designed to users of any skills level, also for professional photographer to create high quality product images.
Comes with a carrying bag and one (270*120cm) white background paper board. The paper boards are wrinkle resistant and water resistant.

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Material Nylon Cloth
LED Quantity 468pcs
Color Temperature 5500K
Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V; Output: 18V 1.5A
Power 240W (6*40W)
Available Plugs EU Plug
Size 200*120*80cm (Box body)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 11.86kgs / 26.15lb
Qty per Carton 2
Carton Weight 25.70kgs / 56.66lb
Carton Size 130cm * 24cm * 46cm / 51.18inch * 9.45inch * 18.11inch