Tigernu T-C6006 Backpack


Tigernu T-C6006 BlackBlack Camera Backpack

Whether you’re a photography professional or an amateur enthusiast, your prayers have well and truly been answered with Tigernu’s phenomenal T-C6006 camera backpack that will help you to keep all your electrics in one place.

Not only is this backpack incredibly practical, with separate sections for your camera, its lenses and accessories, an iPad and a laptop,but it’s also super stylish too, with a gorgeous colour option of sleek black or vibrant orange.

Designed to protect your gadgets and look stylish at the same time, the T-C6006 is an essential for those who need to carry camera equipment with them. You’ll struggle to know how you ever lived without it!

Pick up your excellent T-C6006 backpack today and put your travel woes at bay, by ensuring all of your electrics and technical equipment can travel in style and you can travel in comfort!

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