2in1 Grey Card 30cm
  • 2in1 Grey Card 30cm
  • 2in1 Grey Card 30cm
  • 2in1 Grey Card 30cm
  • 2in1 Grey Card 30cm

NiceFoto 2in1 Grey Card 30cm


The product one side is gray, the other side is  white, one for accurate exposure, while the other for setting the white balance, if the photos you shoot are always too dark or too bright, blue or yellow, then use this.

Foldable Gray Card Reflector, White Balance, Double Face Focusing Board with Carry Bag

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How to use it :

  • 1. Turn the camera's power on and set it in any shooting mode. Toggle the camera's main control wheel to set the white balance to the LCD display PRE position, hold down the WB key for more than 3 seconds, and the display Pre starts to blink You can make a manual white balance setting. At this point the lens alignment gray card press the shutter, if the measurement is successful, the LCD display will show Gd ..
  • 2. The distance between the lens and the gray card should be kept above 15 cm, and the gray card should be filled with the entire screen as much as possible, and any projection should be avoided on the gray card.
  • 3. The gray balance process is independent of the focal length of the lens, and AF auto focus can be converted to MF manual focus and the lens focal length is adjusted to infinity. The purpose is to make the gray card more blurred and soft. Exposure compensation function may interfere with the measured data, it is recommended to close the exposure fill function

Package contents:

  • 1 x 12 "/30cm Grey/White Balance Card