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BOYA BY-WS1000 Professional Windshield

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Product Highlights

• Eliminates wind noise

• Isolates from shock and vibration

• Fur windshield included

• Also available using indoor as microphone shock mount

• Fits most of 320mm in length and Φ20-22mm shotgun microphones

• Lightweight anti-skidding handle with 3/8" thread mount

• Also includes 1/4" adapter

• Internal coiled XLR cable

• Includes carring pouch

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The BY-WS1000 is a professional windshield and suspension system designed using outdoor to prevent wind noise
and shock, while it’s also available using indoor as microphone shock mount.
With perfect workmanship and internal structure, it fits most shotgun microphones within 320mm length and Φ20-22mm.
It's your useful tool picking sound in commercial video, program or film production etc.
 Internal spacing

Diameter: 125mm

Length: 325mm

 Net weight: 750g